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This is a list of bio-relevant open hardware.

Air Quality Monitoring[edit | edit source]

Monitors PM
Parts are about 50 euro
Instructions in German
Unclear what it measures (neither website, github nor MIT news article mention this)
Looks like PM, humidity, pressure, temperature and an unspecified gas sensor from Alphasense (the BOM doesn't say which)
Parts are about $300
Smells like MIT's marketing department at work again
Senses PM, CO2, temperature and humidity
Kit available for purchase at $67
Not entirely certain how open this is.

Bioreactor[edit | edit source]

Gel electrophoresis[edit | edit source]

Above link is for the box and casting tray. The power supply is here.
Backup archive of this project available on
Open design for a nice box and casting tray.
By Tobias Wenzel from University of Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory
Costs about $90 for the lasercut parts from Ponoko
Unfortunately the parametric feature only works via a proprietary web app that requires an account

Liquid handling robots[edit | edit source]

Open hardware/software and can be bought in the GaudiShop
Open hardware/software pipetting robot developed and sold by the OpenTrons company. Discontinued but feasible to build.
Above link is for hardware only. Software is available here.
Pipetting robot developed and sold by the OpenTrons company
Software is open source but hardware is not.
Full eagle board and schematic files available but no license specified. Little mechanical documentation. No pipette mechanical designs available.
Above link is for hardware only. Software is here.
Fully open hardware and software. Development is currently in progress.
Updates are being posted to the GOSH forum
Developed by naikymen

Microscopy[edit | edit source]

High precision electro-mechanical positioning microscope
Webcam microscope for yeast cell counting

PCR - qPCR - LAMP[edit | edit source]

Open hardware/software and can be bought in the GaudiShop for 99 euro
This is probably the most "make it out of scrap you have sitting around" PCR design
Seems to have gotten part of the way to a prototype but no updates in two years
Also has a JOGL page
Based on OpenPCR but smaller, easier to build and with updated software (no Adobe AIR)
Available to buy on their webshop for around $500
The original open PCR machine. No longer being sold.
Probably the first open hardware qPCR machine. Seems nice but $5800 for the single channel version
Appears to no longer be open hardware? (though it definitely was when released)
Open source qPCR and LAMP machines
Overview and general info on the official website
Some info on their JOGL page

Other[edit | edit source]

Open designs for many pieces of lab equipment: Microscope, incubator, centrifuge, water bath, scale, hood, etc.
Source available, license unknown. Available for purchase (Jan 2023)
An open hardware design based on the whirligig centrifuge based on the Paperfuge