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Biohackerspaces[edit | edit source]

This is a very short and incomplete list. There is an overly complete, but not updated, list at DIYbiosphere and you can find the raw data here. There is also a list on which probably isn't up to date either and you can always check out the wiki which lists a large percentage of all global hackerspaces, makerspaces, fablabs and similar.

Large, well-equipped and long-running biohackerspace
Experiment with friends!
Events free. $80 per month. Sponsored free memberships available
GaudiLabs is now a for profit LLC that sells products. Everything is open source/hardware. Unclear if it is a private space or open to new members / drop-in visitors.
The lab space is part of the Bitwäscherei hackerspace collective

Chats[edit | edit source]

Maybe the most active biohacking chat?
Chat and virtual meetup about open lab automation
There is also a bridge from Discord but it doesn't seem to be perfect
Intersection of biohacking and transhumanism

Online and in-person communities[edit | edit source]

The oldest and probably biggest mailing list for biohacking. Not much traffic but a lot of people listening.
Molecular biology forum. Not super active.
A community and unconference around Open Science Hardware
There are several regional GOSH groups such as AfricaOSH and reGOSH which covers Latin America and the Caribbean
A global network of people, a wiki and a physical lab
The physical lab is located in Zurich as part of the Bitwäscherei hackerspace collective.
An online community focused on environmental community science
An annual gathering of people working on biohacking and biohackerspaces
An online platform where a bunch of community projects are hosted but appears offline as of this writing (February 2023)

Individual biohackers - Blogs, vlogs, tubers, etc.[edit | edit source]

Instructions for DIY lab hardware, including electrophoresis box, tissue culture hood, heater block, and monochromator. Also lab hardware teardowns and repairs.
A plant biohacker. Also does some bio hardware hacking. Very active on twitter
Also has a mastodon account and a blog for his lab
Periodically sells various open plasmids and other wetware. Previously on etsy (got banned), sometimes on twitter and sometimes here.
Based in New York City
CCL has a set of his chromoprotein strains as glycerol stocks (archived March 2023). Ask Marc Juul or Tim Dobbs.
Blog posts about sequencing, halophiles and opentrons
Works with (part of?) Binomica Labs in New York City
Also has a main website and github
Some interesting stuff but also published a video about NFTs :(
Free molecular biology courses, open hardware and wetware designs, info on low-tech plasmid/strain storage, etc.
Also has a YouTube channel
Mostly focused on C. Elegans but has generally interesting stuff
e.g. Using LEDs as a low cost source to detect GFP and DsRED

Protocols[edit | edit source]

Protocols for DNA extractions, gel electrophoresis, PCR and sequencing
Lots of protocols on cloning, PCR, phages, sequencing, freezing strains and more.
Huge wiki with lots of protocols and info in general

Software[edit | edit source]

Calculate Tm and other oligo properties
The official release no longer runs or builds on modern systems so this is an unofficial update

Where to buy[edit | edit source]

Reagents, hardware, services, etc.

Hardware[edit | edit source]

3D printed labware. Mostly tube holders but a few other interesting things.
Focused on teaching supplies. Stocks a bunch of basic equipment.
Open Electrowetting system (OpenDrop), Spectrophotometer (fiber, visible only), G-code to analog converter, all open hardware
Open Hardware Colorimeter and Potentiostats
Nice selection of hardware, wetware and reagents. Ships to individuals. Banned from Germany (I think)

Services[edit | edit source]

Sequencing[edit | edit source]

Whole plasmid or whole bacterial genome sequencing
Whole plasmid starts at $15
Whole genome starts at $90
Free shipping if you drop at one of their drop boxes (there's one on Stanford's campus)

Plasmids and strains[edit | edit source]

Vast library of plasmids
Large collection of strains.
Request up to 24 per year free of charge.
Vast collection of strains.
Intermittently sells open wetware plasmids and strains on etsy or twitter
Made an open library of E. coli plasmids for making various colors
Focused on teaching supplies and stocks a small selection of strains and plasmids

Reagents and consumables[edit | edit source]

These will be mostly US based businesses.

Algae cultures and a few related reagents and consumables
Very affordable. E.g. miniprep kits for under $1 per reaction
Ebay seller. Loading dyes, ladder mixes, syringe filters
Smaller selection than the larger companies but aimed toward small labs and affordable.
Sells to anyone, though I believe they got banned from selling in Germany.
Has a built-in comparison shopping tool with ordering.
Used to be the go-to tool for Counter Culture Labs but started charging $100 per user per year for non-profits just for access
Cheap but needs commercial address and sometimes requires more for some chemicals (even sometimes very safe ones).

Fabrication services[edit | edit source]

Lasercutting[edit | edit source]

Note that PCB manufacturing companies will sell metal solder paste stencils which might be usuable if only thin metal is required.

Plastic, wood, rubber, leather, fabrics, cardboard, paper
A bit pricey but local to Oakland
Instant online quote generation
  • oshcut - Metal only lasercutting
Great choice of materials
Up to 1" steel and aluminum! Some materials limited to about 0.13" thickness
Affordable with instant quote generation