Fermentation Station

From Counter Culture Labs

Fermentation Station is a group of bioHackers who meet and ferment together at the new Omni Collective Building.

Come by every Monday at 6, to see their projects. Or bring a project of your own to work on.

Lately, they've been studying the art of making vinegar from Francisco Jimenez, who studied at various farms in Costa Rica. (if you bring grapes, Francisco will show you how to get vinegar started)

They have also been learning from Rikke, a biohacker who is studying the chemical changes of kombucha.

Whether you just want to learn some formation tricks, or get in on a fermentation collective, come on down!

But be ready: this is an openhack. That means less of a formalized workshop structure, and more like: bring your own fermentation project to work on together.

Be sure to ring the buzzer if the door isn't open! They'll be over in Counter Culture Labs (next to Sudo Room).