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DNA sequencing: Difference between revisions

→‎Sequencing: Updated the link to genewiz sample submission guidelines.
(Linked orange glasses for visualizing gels)
(→‎Sequencing: Updated the link to genewiz sample submission guidelines.)
If the gel electrophoresis indicates that the PCR reaction worked, it can be brought in for sequencing. For sequencing I use [http://www.genewiz.com/ Genewiz], which will pick up samples directly from CCL. If you fill out the sequencing order by 3:30pm, the courier arrives around five and you will get the sequences at about 6am the next morning. If you sign up for a new account, the first two sequences are free. If you have Genewiz do the DNA quantification and PCR cleanup, they charge $7 per sample or $5 per sample if you do 96 at a time.
[httphttps://www.genewiz.com/publicPublic/Resources/Sample-Submission-Guideline.aspxGuidelines Genewiz sample submission guidelines]
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