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* Our [[Our Values|values and ethics]]
* Our [[Our Values|values and ethics]]
* [[Protocols]]
* [[Protocols]]
* [[Research Resources]]
* [[Research Resources|Research resources]]
* [[How to run a successful meetup at CCL ]]
* [[How to run a successful meetup at CCL ]]
* [[Member bios]]
* [[Member bios]]

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This is the Counter Culture Labs wiki.

We use this wiki to document our projects and keep lab notes. Create a Wiki Account!

Want to know more about CCL? How to find us? How to get involved?

Maybe you should watch our kickstarter video.

Useful pages:


Current active projects:

  • Real Vegan Cheese - Producing cheese protein in yeast to make real cheese that's vegan
    • This project was entered into the 2014 iGEM competition and won Best Community Project
  • Open Insulin - Creating open protocols for microbian insulin production
  • Fermentation Station - A group of people experimenting with fermentation at our lab

Archived projects:

  • BioSunBlock - Make E. coli bacteria produce shinorine for use as an eco-friendly sun-screen
    • This project was entered into the 2015 iGEM competition

Other channels of communication: