DNA sequencing: Difference between revisions

(More professional phylogenetic trees)
(β†’β€ŽDNA Extraction: Added good links to DNA extraction papers)
Papers on the NaOH extraction:
A rapid and cheap protocol for preparation of PCR templates in peanut http://www.bioline.org.br/pdf?ej09016
Back to basics: an evaluation of NaOH and alternative rapid DNA extraction protocols for DNA barcoding, genotyping, and disease diagnostics from fungal and oomycete samples https://nature.berkeley.edu/garbelotto/downloads/naohextraction2013.pdf
[[File:Osmundson et al. - 2013 - Back to basics an evaluation of NaOH and alternat.pdf|link=Special:FilePath/Osmundson_et_al._-_2013_-_Back_to_basics_an_evaluation_of_NaOH_and_alternat.pdf]]
== Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) ==