Working Meeting 01/22/14

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=== 01/22/14 CCL Working Meeting ===


  1. Locations - update
  2. Events
  3. 501c3 forms
  4. Kickstarter
  5. Gen meeting
  6. Committee-O-Rama
Who leads?
When do they report?
What do they report?
When do they meet (possibly not our question to solve)


1. Locations - update

  • Matt’s property manager isn’t budging. We should start looking again

2. Events

  • 1/31 Beer pong … challenge has been issued to Container Labs
  • Nerds for Nature - would be great to have closer ties to them
They’re working w/ Merritt College of microscopy
Matt & Patrik are signed up on their list
  • Bio + Art
Advertise on Sudo Room list

3. 501c3 forms

  • Need to add our meetup (past) schedule
  • Need standard language

4. Committee-O-Rama

501c3 will report on their completion of the task.
Ahnon will assign sections via email
We will meet if needed
Locations will report on new spaces as well as old
Fundraising will report on grant process and needs for additional help
Treasurer will report on bank account progress
Newsletter will report on their completion of this round signups
Website will report on new design
Kickstarter will report on proposed schedule
  • Board meeting: more board members (Johan)? When does term start (vote in or registration) ; Signatures; When are we meeting?
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