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  • Working FPLC (AKTA preferred)
  • XRay Fluorescence Analyzer (preferably handheld), for analysis of lead and other elements in soil and paint
  • Dynamic Light Scattering
  • bright video projector
  • 50ml Falcon tubes
  • PCR tubes (strips of 8 or 12)
  • PCR tube tops (strips of 8 or 12)
  • High quality microscope objectives (40x, 60x or 100x). Plan-achromat is best, but many other high quality types exist.
  • Small pipette tips with filter - 10 uL or 20 uL. We have some but sometimes go through those very quickly. We already have quite a few boxes of 200 and 1000 uL tips, though most of the 1000 uL tips we have do not eject on our pipettes.
  • Glass front deli fridge
  • Fluorometer
  • Shaking incubator
  • Small shaker (small enough to fit into our smaller incubator...)
  • Refrigerated ultracentrifuge (20,000+ rpm)
  • HPLC
  • Baffled Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Glass Petri dishes (a few)
  • Rechargeable batteries & charger (mostly AA & AAA)
  • Small metal melting furnace
  • Rotary Evaporator
    • We got one! Needs a few more glassware pieces though - expertise wanted!
  • Chemical hood (not a biosafety cabinet - we have two of those!)
    whomever really wants this one will need to figure out (a) where to put it, and (b) what are the necessary regulations and infrastructure upgrades to have one of these (at least one potential donor suggested we'd need a sprinkler system at a minimum!)
  • Friggin Lasers
  • Electromagnets
  • Concave parabolic mirrors and lenses
  • Polarizers and filters
  • Optical table.
  • Transducers of all kinds
  • Liquid nitrogen Dewar
We have a 35L storage one; could use a smaller transport Dewar as well
  • Ion Torrent DNA sequencer
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope
  • Gas chromatograph
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Disposable serological pipettes, 5ml-100ml range. Preferably individually packaged
  • PCR tubes and tops
  • More petri dishes of various shapes and sizes
  • 1 liter erlenmeyer flasks
  • Small and medium sized beakers
  • 4 liter beakers! (for Ghost Heart decellularization)
  • Parafilm
  • Ice crusher
  • Glass plate spreader
  • Petri dishes
  • Lab tape
  • Bead beater


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