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About Us

Counter Culture Labs is a community lab for DIY biology and citizen science.

We are a nonprofit organization (501(c)3 pending), run by and for its members. EIN: 46-4053018

CCL is located in the Omni Oakland Commons, 4799 Shattuck in North Oakland. Enter through the door on the corner of 48th and Shattuck - just ring the doorbell (top right) if the door is locked. Walk to the back of the cafe/bookstore under construction, and then go left through the dark corridor, and you'll wind up in CCL!

Get involved!

Remember - this is YOUR lab!

Need something to do? Check out our To Do List!

This wiki can always use more editing! Request an account here

Do-ocracy is highly appreciated - if you see something you'd like to get done, DO IT!


Our board currently consist of 13 members:

  • Kathy Buehmann (President)
  • Maureen Muldavin (Secretary)
  • Matthew Harbowy (Treasurer)
  • Patrik D'haeseleer (Chair)
  • Mary Ward
  • Simona Zompi
  • Johan Soza
  • Cere Davis
  • María Teresa Chávez
  • Jenny Kaehms
  • Marc Juul
  • Anthony Di Franco
  • Ahnon Milham (currently on leave)

Board members are appointed for a 2-year term, with half of the board positions up for election every year. However, members can eject and replace anyone on the board at any time. All our board meetings are open to the public, and anyone's input is greatly valued. Feel free to join the board mailing list if you would like to be more closely involved in running the organization:

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