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Currently ongoing, roughly in order of priority:

  • Clean, plug in and test equipment: fridges, freezers, incubator
  • Fix website & put organization instructions on wiki

See below for details...


Online Presence & coding needs


WE HAVE TWO WORKING SINKS NOW - YAY! Small plumbing tasks remaining:

  • Attach the BSL2 sink to the wall
  • Install eye wash stations. We bought a simple wall-mounted two-bottle solution. Could get a faucet-mounted version for the BSL2 sink.
  • Mount drying rack to wall
  • Less urgent ideas:
    • Build a little shelf behind the BSL2 sink out of fiberglass reinforced panel to close off the back
    • Build countertop or drainboard behind and to the left of the double-basin sink in the main lab
    • Remove our little DIY foot-pumped sink from the first lab bench to free up counter space and a storage cabinet.


  • Mount outlet boxes at lab benches below bottom shelf
  • Support cables that drop down to lab benches
  • Install strip of outlets below bottom shelf of 3rd lab bench


  • Put together tall white Ikea storage cabinet

As we've seen at BioCurious, giving free storage to members quickly gets out of hand. We can rent out lockers instead:

There are some nice deals on CraigsList occasionally (look for ones that are around $10 per locker; e.g. $100 for 3x4 lockers). Let us know if you have a truck available to transport - that tends to be a major hurdle!

Waste Disposal

  • Discover best/cheapest waste disposal service (DO NOT USE STERICYCLE!)
  • Establish waste disposal protocol
    • Establish interim protocol if nec


  • clean out fridges, freezers, incubator
  • Dust, sweep, clean the walls

Non-bio and BSL0 activities

This is the easy part. Part of our space will be used for meetings and non-bio or BSL0 stuff that is not overly sensitive to contamination.

  • Organizational furniture: Organize shelving, cabinets, labeled storage for anything large and small.
  • Lighting
  • Meeting infrastructure:
    • Show and tell: Projector or large monitor, decent speaker system, long cables and set of adapters for hooking up any computer.
    • Remote participation: Decent webcam, high quality microphones, computer set up for remote attendance. (Juul (talk) is working on this)
  • Scopes: Microscope and milliscope + recording and output to projector.
  • Inventory tracking system for items. (Juul (talk) is working on this for sudo room and CCL).

Keeping humans alive

This should probably all be common with at least some other collectives and maybe be located in kitchen area.

  • Some infinite source of cold purified water for drinking.
  • A system for buying foods and drinks from the fridge. Honors system but with barcode scanning and tracking of money spent.
This works well in Labitat and Juul (talk) is working on instantiating it at Omni.
The trick is that people forget to bring cash and then forget that they took something without paying or under-estimate how often they do that.
Anyone can put register a new item, set the price and shove it in the fridge. It is an important money-maker at Labitat.
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