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Tools & Trackers

Supplies & Inventory

Need to break this out into specifics.

  • Magenta containers
  • MS salts
  • Various other cell culture nutrients and hormones
  • Some antibiotics
  • Access to agrobacterium if/when we need it
  • Home-built incubator
  • Books, I'll be making some of my plant-specific textbooks available to borrow in the near future
  • Growing shelves


Add more if you have 'em.

Lending Library

Will provide links shortly. Please add books if you're willing to lend!

Eric's Bookshelf

  • Core Plant Bio
    • Introduction to Plant Biotechnology
    • Botany for Gardeners
    • Botany for Dummies (these Dummies books are actually pretty great)
    • Molecular & Cell Biology for Dummies
    • Biochemistry for Dummies
    • Bioinformatics for Dummies
    • Genetics for Dummies
    • Plant Physiological Ecology
  • Specialty
    • Agrobacterium Protocols, Volume 1
    • Natural Products: The Secondary Metabolites
    • The Biosynthesis of Secondary Metabolites
    • Plants from Test Tubes (2 copies; the lab also has one)
    • Biology and Evolution of Ferns and Lycophytes
    • The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants
  • Species & Care
    • A Californian's Guide to the Trees Among Us
    • Bromeliads for Home and Garden
    • Beautiful Cacti: A Basic Grower's Guide
    • A Natural History of Conifers
    • Basic Hydroponics, 2nd Ed.
    • The Book of Spice
    • The Herbal Home Companion
    • Herbs (Eyewitness Handbooks)
    • Bromeliads for Home & Garden
    • Califlora
    • Diversity of Plants and Fungi
  • Leisure
    • The Vital Question: Energy, Evolution, and the Origins of Complex Life
    • The Orchid Thief
    • Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters
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