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Please post a short description of currently ongoing projects here. If you have more information, consider making a separate page, and link to it from here.


Bioluminescent Fungi

  • Lead: Patrik
  • What: growing bioluminescent fungi as mycelium on agar plates
  • Where: 2 plates in closet. Patrik has original culture and extra bread crumb agar plates
  • Progress: Got the Bioluminescent Fungus Kit from Carolina - Armillaria mellea. (Antony Evans also has Panellus stipticus). Waited a bit too long, so the mycelium went dormant. Currently trying to inoculate two bread crumb agar plates in the closet (started 11/29).
  • Update: traces of white moldy mycelium visible around the piece of starter culture (12/9)

Baby Bubbler

  • Lead: Patrik
  • What: building a solar cell driven intermittent air bubbler for an algae desktop mini-bioreactor in a jar; suitable for kickstarter rewards
  • Where: Currently in a small manila envelope on the electronics desk
  • Progress: Technical details. Works! I have some trimpots that can be added to adjust. Changed C2 from 6.8uF to 4.7uF - now fires 2secs every 1min Looking for people to help finish this up!

Bacterial Jewelry

  • Lead: Patrik
  • What: Encase tiny Petri dishes with interesting looking colonies in clear resin, to wear as necklace, earrings, etc.
  • Where: tiny Petri dishes are on the rack; clear casting resin in the closet
  • Progress: Did initial tests at BC. Sterilize bacteria with UV light. Resin makes agar plates turn white - hard to see colonies. Spraying a layer of acrylic on them first may help. Should reorder Pigmented Bacteria Set from Carolina.

Kombucha brewing

  • Lead: Patrik and Ahnon?
  • What: Kombucha brewing (health drink from fermented black tea), plus trying to see if we can make nata de coco with the same culture
  • Where: on top of Ahnon's fridge
  • Progress: Started a 2gal jar of Kombucha, and a tray of nata de coco on Nov. 27. Kombucha should be ready for bottling around Dec. 7. Nata de coco two weeks later.
  • Update: 2gal Kombucha jar was progressing very slowly, thin cellulose layer on top looked grayish - thrown out on 12/9. Should try again with recipe suited for the starter culture. Nata de Coco expt still ongoing.
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