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To Sell

  • BioFlo II Fermentor
    • Needs some TLC!
  • Two functioning autoclaves
    • Stacked in the back corner near BAAM
    • 6-inch Pelton and Crane small autoclave
    • Two Pelton and Crane omniclaves (one of these two is better to keep - figure out which one / swap parts)
  • Ancient rotary shaker from the 70s
  • -20C freezer
  • Rotocycler
  • Old HPLC system (Waters 650)
  • Small fridge in the BSL2 that keeps freezing stuff (there's no temp control)
  • Hitachi U2000 UV/Vis spectrophotometer (Jacob?)
  • Beckman-Coulter DU640 UV/Vis spectrophotometer (Matt?)
  • PCR - which one?
  • UV cryochamber

Talk to Patrik, Kathy, and Matt before selling anything! Also email and to make sure no one has any objections.

Actively Under Construction/Repair

  • Spectrophotometer Beckman DU-640.
    May be too much hassle to repair. Could just buy a second one for a few $hundred, and use the old one for spare parts.
  • HPLC system being put together (needs someone to adopt!)

Needs testing

  • Bioreactor controllers



  • Chemical hood (not a biosafety cabinet - we have two of those!)
  • Glass front deli fridge
  • Nanodrop

See our Wishlist for a more complete list.

BSL-2 room!

We have a room set aside to turn into a BSL-2 room. Will contain our smaller biosafety cabinet, and small-size versions of all the essential equipment: fridge, freezer, incubator, PCR, centrifuge, etc. Currently just waiting for lab sink to be installed.

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