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Main server

We have a single VPS at vpscheap. It runs Ubuntu and provides:

It is backing up daily to sudo mesh's backupsy server (with encrypted backups so sudo mesh does not have access to the backups).

Juul (talk) is the most active admin as of this writing.

Local server in the physical space

This server is located in sudo room's server rack.


  • Hostname: ccl.local (using mDNS)
  • Static IP:


  • Model: Dell PowerEdge SC1425 1U rackmount server
  • CPU: Two 2.8 GHz Xeon
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Harddrives: Two 750 GB sata drives in RAID1 (software raid)
  • Ethernet: Two gigabit ports
  • One unused PCI slot available

For future admins: This server is capable of booting from a USB stick, but you have to boot with the usb stick attached, hit F2 to enter setup, enable USB harddrive emulation, it will then appear in the harddrive boot orderlist and you can put it at the top.


The network is currently provided by sudo room / sudo mesh.

We should run ethernet cables to CCL. Currently we have wifi only.

We are on a shared dual DSL line. We are waiting for Sonic to upgrade their equipment so we can get a dual vDSL line with ~100 mbps down ~10 mbps up.

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