2015 Kickstarter Budget

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We’ve only moved into our current home at the Omni a few months back, and while we can already start doing some interesting experiments, there are still a few big infrastructure pieces needed to transform this former Bocce ball court into the mad science paradise we’d like it to be:


  • Plumbing: $5000. We currently have one tiny foot-pumped handwashing sink. We need to install one sink for our main Biosafety Level 1 lab, one sink for the BSL-2 lab, and ideally one more sink for food projects. An emergency eye washing station would be nice too!
  • Electrical upgrades: $3000. We really need to beef up the breaker panel and get more outlets installed. Science needs electricity. Seriously, you should see these wires hanging off the wall...
  • Lab enclosure: $6000. We are currently sharing half of a giant hall with another hackerspace, including 30ft high ceilings, some wood and metalworking equipment, and lots of dust. We plan to install a plexiglass enclosure inside our space, so we can create the dust-free environment we need for biological experiments, while still inviting in lots of natural light and curious gazes.
  • Fume Hood: $1000. Because none of us want to get nasty chemicals in our lungs. Always safety first!
  • Ventilation/Heating upgrades: $4000. Because doing experiments with mittens on is no fun.
  • iGEM team registration: $4000
  • Sponsoring a Budding Scientist: $1000/person.
  • Rent & Utilities: $2500/mo. While we build up our membership base, we still need to pay the rent and keep the lights on. Help us solve our chicken-and-egg problem!
  • Creativity and tons of elbow grease: Priceless! We’ve already spent countless hours grinding floors, painting walls, fixing and moving equipment and more.
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